NIO Stock Price Prediction – 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030

Learn new strategies and key techniques and invest successfully with the help of NIO stock prediction charts provided by our experts to predict future NIO stock price movements.

In this article, we are going to share with you some information related to NIO stock prediction and tell you what is going to be NIO Stock Price Predictions in 2025, 2026, 2028, and 2030, so we request you to read the article completely If you have any question then share with us in the comment box below.

NIO Inc. Company Profile

CompanyNIO Inc.
IncorporatedNovember 2014
Listed InHKEX & NYSE
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Electric vehicle company Nio could be the 'Tesla of China,' Piper Sandler says

Nio Inc. Company Information

Nio is an electric vehicle manufacturing company based in China and headquartered in Shanghai, China. Nio manufactures premium quality electric vehicles such as sedans and SUVs that compete with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles in style and performance. proving to be better

The company has established a very large network of battery swap stations for its EV drivers, so that EV drivers can easily replace their batteries and do not have to stop to recharge. The battery gets charged easily and quickly. The Nio has also gained a lot for its innovative and forward-thinking approach, which includes features such as advanced battery technology and autonomous driving.

And as you all must know now people are showing interest in electric vehicles instead of old gas and petrol-powered vehicles, as a result of which it can be seen that in the coming years NIO EV Industry I am going to make an impact and its growth potential is also very high, so let us now know about NIO Stock Price Prediction.

NIO Could Be First Chinese Electric Carmaker to IPO in US

NIO Stock Price Prediction Table

We, along with some of our stock market colleagues, have obtained some results after a deep study of the shares, which will reveal what the NIO Stock Price Prediction will be in the coming times. We will share with you what we have provided below.

YearNIO stock Price prediction


NIO: Don't Buy The Drop (NYSE:NIO) | Seeking Alpha

NIO Stock Price Prediction 2025-2026

The stock price of Nio Inc. Stock has increased in the last few months, as a result of which many big investors have heard discussions about investing and holding in it, it is well known that half of the market news is false and half is true. it occurs

But we believe in our analysis and you too, so according to our analysis, in August 2021, NIO stock price registered a gain of about 1.5% and from September 2020 to September 2021, NIO stock price gained about 76% as compared to previous years. Profit has been registered and as you can see Nio Inc. has not given any dividend to any of its shareholders in its past years.

Looking at all these things, based on the results obtained by our team by analyzing, our team of NIO Stock Price Prediction 2025 has set an estimated value of $38.27 and look at the same for NIO Stock Price Prediction 2026, then our team has set an estimated price of $55.11.

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NIO Stock Price Prediction 2028-2030

As we are going to talk about now, how is going to be for NIO Stock Price Prediction for long-term, then we have to test this stock according to the long-term, so let’s see as you all know that the current price of NIO stock price Market cap is 13.00B USD Crore

And it has not reached so much as you all can see in its 5yr chart that this stock has been running in loss for a long time or say it is running down and as you can see that in December 2022 52 With a volume of million, it tried to make a good Come-back but nothing has happened, based on that we can say that this stock is not favourable for long-term at present.

But still, our team has analyzed and estimated that by NIO Stock Price Prediction 2028, its value should reach $104.71 and if we talk about NIO Stock Price Prediction 2030 its value is expected to reach $335.7.

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Nio Inc (5yr Chart)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc. Financial Analysis

Nio Inc (Balance sheet Part 1)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc (Balance sheet Part 2)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc (Cash flow Part 1)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc (Cash flow Part 2)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc (Income sheet Part 1)

NIO stock prediction

Nio Inc (Income sheet Part 2)

NIO stock prediction

Some F.A.Q.s Related to Nio Inc.

Who is the owner and CEO of Nio Inc Corporation?

Nio is a Chinese company engaged in designing and developing electric vehicles. William Li Bin, also known as William Li, is a Chinese Entrepreneur and an experienced player in the tech industry. if you are interested in learning more about William Li, feel free to visit

Where is the headquarters of Nio Corporation?

Nio Corporation was founded by its co-founder Mr. William Li, in 2014 and its headquarters was established in the state of Shanghai, China. At first, the name of the company was named “NextEV” but later due to some reasons, it was changed to NIO Corporation, which still dates again never changed.

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