Cupid Share Price Target – 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2040

Cupid Share Price Target – 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2040.

Dear investors, I hope that your portfolio will be in profit and even if it is not, then we have come up with a new article for you in which you will get information about Cupid Share Price Target.

In this article, you will also be given some tips with the help of which all of you investors can turn your portfolio profitable in the coming years with the help of Cupid Share Price Target.

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Cupid Share Profile

Company NameCupid Limited
IndustryCondom Manufacturing Company
Incorporated17 Feb 1993
Listed InBSE/NSE
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Current Share PriceLIVE  SHARE  PRICE 

Cupid Share Price Target

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Cupid Limited Information

Cupid Limited is the only company in India that both manufactures and supplies male and female condoms, water-based lubricant jellies and IVD kits. Cupid Limited was established in 1993.

The production capacity of this company is estimated to be 480 million male condoms, 52 million female condoms and 210 million sachets of lubricant jelly annually. Along with this, it has become the first company in the world to be pre-qualified by WHO/UNFPA for the manufacturing and distribution of female condoms.

Cupid Limited also runs a variety of awareness campaigns in collaboration with health professionals, organizations and the government, in which it works to make people aware of sexual health and the use of female condoms for the prevention of diseases like HIV and other STDs.

Cupid Share Price Target Table

To predict the future of Cupid stock in the coming years, we have prepared a table with our team of experts. Which we have provided to you below. In this table, we have provided you with the targets for Cupid shares for the coming years.

YearCupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share Price Target 2024

As you all know just some time ago Cupid Limited split its shares whose current value is between Rs 125-130. But investors who have been watching this stock for a long time say that this stock has been giving annual returns of more than 100% continuously for the last 5 years.

If those investors are to be believed then the returns in the last 5 years are around 500%. Which can prove to be a golden opportunity for any investor. So, based on these facts and the advice of some stock market experts, we have kept a target of Rs 160.87/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2024.

Cupid Share Price Target 2025

Like most of the stocks in the Indian stock market, Cupid Share has also proved itself to be a multi-bagger by completing its bull run in the year 2023. According to some experts, there is every possibility that this bullish sentiment will continue in the market for a few more months.

Keeping in mind the technical and fundamental data of the last 5 years, stock market experts have set a target of Rs 224.21/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2025 and the possibility of its completion is also visible in the market.

Cupid Share Price Target 2026

As we are seeing in the share market, the market trend is currently in favour of Cupid Share and if the experts of our team are to be believed then this is what they say. The way Cupid Share price has seen a rise in the last few years and if this stock continues to move at the same pace,

then soon Cupid Share may be able to give you several hundred times returns. Based on these things, we have estimated a target of Rs 313.89/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2026.

Cupid Share Price Target 2028

Looking at the Cupid Share Price trend, every stock market expert says that if the bullish trend continues in Cupid Share, then in the coming 5 years, it has every possibility of becoming a multi-bagger again like the last 5 years.

And a strong rise can be seen in Cupid Share. Keeping all these things in mind, based on the results of the analysis done by the experts of our team, we have set a target of Rs 439.45/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2028.

Cupid Share Price Target 2030

At this point, we are going to analyze Cupid’s Share Price on the parameters of fundamentals. So, as seen by looking at its fundamentals, the company’s debt-to-equity is 0.05, industry P/E is 45.63, P/B Ratio is 20.22 and book value is 6.38.

This can prove to be a good thing because this company does not have any kind of debt. P/E Ratio which is at a good figure. Industry P/E is also at a very right position according to its industry. By making these figures, the team of experts has estimated a target of Rs 615.23/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2030.

Cupid Share Price Target 2040

As we all know the growth of any share price depends on the business and financial growth of the company. We have seen the same in the growth chart of Cupid Limited. This makes it clear that the goals that Cupid Limited has set for the coming years point only towards growth.

Cupid Limited says that first of all, they want to increase their production capacity so that they can produce 1.5 times more male and female condoms than their current production capacity. And this is going to happen by setting up new plants for which Cupid Limited has also started purchasing land.

So from these things, it becomes clear that Cupid Limited is fully working on its expansion and development in the coming years, as a result of which the chances of increasing Cupid Limited’s Share Price also increase. Therefore, the experts of the share market team, estimating the growth in the coming years, have estimated a target of Rs 861.32/- for Cupid Share Price Target 2040.

Financial Analysis of Cupid Ltd

Cupid Share (Revenue)

Cupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share (Profit)

Cupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share (Net-Worth)

Cupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share 5 yr chart

Cupid Share Price Target

What is the 52-week high and 52-week low of Cupid Ltd?

The 52-week high of Cupid’s share is Rs 2800.00/- and the 52-week low is Rs 12.09/-. You can know the rest of the information by Clicking Here.

Who is the current CEO of Cupid Ltd?

Aditya Halwasiya - Managing Director - CUPID LIMITED.
Aditya Halwasiya

The current CEO of Cupid Ltd as of 2024 is Mr. Aditya Halwasiya who was appointed to this post in October 2023. He holds approximately 28.52% shares of Cupid Ltd which is currently worth a total of Rs 9.30B.



Where is the headquarters of Cupid Ltd?

The headquarters of Cupid Ltd is located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Where modern art of the state facility is available. From where it provides its services in 80+ countries.

Cupid Share Fundamentals

Cupid Share Price Target

Cupid Share Holding-Pattern

Cupid Share Price Target


After doing a complete fundamental or technical analysis of Cupid Share we have reached this conclusion. In the coming time, even if this stock does not make you rich, you will easily get returns of at least 80 to 90%.


We repeatedly request you not to invest your money in any stock without understanding its trend or consulting any expert. This article has been written for educational purposes only and you should not consider it as any kind of investment advice.

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