IREDA Share Price Target – 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2050

IREDA Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 to 2050. Dear investors, today we are back with a new article named IREDA Share Price Target. In this article, you are going to get all types of information related to the IREDA Share Price Target.

Like fundamentals, revenue, profits, net-worth 5yr chart etc. which will make it very easy for you to predict what kind of results this stock is going to give you in the coming years.

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IREDA Share Profile

Company NameIndian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.
IndustryRenewable Energy Financing
Incorporated11 Mar, 1987
Listed InNSE & BSE
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Current Share PriceLIVE  SHARE  PRICE 

IREDA Share Price Target 

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IREDA Company Information

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA) is a leading public sector financial institution whose mandate is to accelerate the development of renewable energy by promoting renewable energy in Bharat.

It is a “Mini Ratna” (Category-I) Enterprise of the Government of Bharat under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and to date, IREDA has commissioned more than 3000 renewable energy projects across the country with a total capacity of more than 20,000 MW.

These projects include various types of energy such as solar, wind, small hydro, biomass waste etc. In the coming time, whatever power plants will be set up or run by this company will have a direct impact on pollution, power production and industries across the country.

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IREDA Share Price Target Table

I, along with some well-known investors of the stock market, have analyzed some shares, as a result of which we have achieved some results that will let you know how the IREDA Share Price Target is going to be in the coming time. We will share with you what we have provided below.

YearIREDA Share Price Target 

IREDA Share Price Target

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IREDA Share Price Target 2024

As you all know much demand is there for renewable energy across the country, the way people are moving towards renewable energy, it seems that this demand is going to increase even more in the coming times.

IREDA, which is India’s first government company is working in this field Coupled with the growing demand for renewable energy in India, IREDA creates a promising investment opportunity.

Based on the analysis of our team of experts, they believe that the share price of IREDA is going to be between Rs 200-320 in 2024 and our experts have determined the estimated price of Rs 276.69/- for IREDA Share Price Target 2024.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2025

We believe that in the coming year 2025, IREDA Share Price is going to be between ₹380 to ₹490. Our estimate is based on the increasing demand for renewable energy in India because at present there is such a high demand for renewable energy in India and the stocks of this sector must be going to peak in the coming 10 years.

Now, based on the analysis done by our team based on the fundamentals, profits and net worth of IREDA, we have determined an estimated price of Rs 498.04/- for IREDA Share Price Target 2025.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2026

Our forecast for this year is that IREDA Share Price is going to be between ₹ 800 to ₹ 980 in the year 2026 and it is based on the financials of the IREDA company that what kind of results it is going to give in the coming year 2026. In a way, it is encouraging people to move forward in this sector i.e. renewable energy.

It seems from this that both this stock and this sector are going to touch the sky in the coming 20 years and this is our prediction from the way this company has made its explosive debut in the stock market with profits of 150% in 1 week. It would not be wrong to assume that this stock has every possibility of becoming a multi-bagger in the future.

Based on the results of the analysis done by our team based on our values, we have determined an estimated price of Rs 946.27/- for IREDA Share Price Target 2026.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2030

At this point, we are going to test IREDA Share Price Target 2030 on a long-term basis so that you will know whether it will be good for you to invest in this stock IREDA in the long run or whether it will prove to be harmful to you. so let’s get started

See, everyone knows that this stock has newly entered the market but the company is old and government-owned, so remove this doubt from your mind that the company will go bankrupt. Now when it comes to giving results, the field in which IREDA company works is also going to give you profits for 50-60 years.

Based on these data, as a result of the analysis done by our team, we have determined an estimated price of Rs 2838.81/- for IREDA Share Price Target 2030.

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IREDA Share Price Target 2050

IREDA is also working hard on its loan portfolio along with its dream of renewable energy the result of which is that IREDA company’s chart is recording more profits than losses. So just imagine if this will happen on a large scale and in the long term. If time goes on, how well the company will perform in the stock market along with its profits, revenue and net worth?

So if you want to invest your money in this stock for the long term, then our team has given the green signal for that because based on the current fundamentals, we can say that in the short term, This stock may not give you profits, but in the long term, this stock has the ability to give you hundreds of times the profits.

Based on these figures, the experts of our team have estimated for the coming years that IREDA Share Price Target will continue to give you very good results till 2050 and entitle you to a good profit and our team has estimated IREDA Share Price Target 2050. An estimated price of Rs 9935.83/- has been determined for it.

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Financial Analysis of IREDA

IREDA (Revenue)

IREDA Share Price Target

IREDA (Profit)

IREDA Share Price Target

IREDA (Net-Worth)

IREDA Share Price Target

IREDA Share 52-Week Low-High

IREDA Share Price Target’s 52-week high has been Rs 123.20/- and its 52-week low has been Rs 50.00/- you can see more information about this on Google Finance.

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IREDA Share 5yr Chart

IREDA Share F.A.Q.

Who is the CEO of IREDA?

The CEO of a company named IREDA working in the field of renewable energy in India is Mr Pradeep Kumar Das. He has taken over the charge of Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) from May 6, 2020. Under the guidance of Pradeep Kumar Das, an experienced person in the finance sector, the company has taken up and successfully completed many big projects.

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Where is the headquarters of IREDA?

Indian renewable energy company IREDA has its business spread across the country as well as abroad and its headquarters is located at India Habitat Centre, East Court, Core-4A, 1st Floor, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003.

IREDA Share Fundamentals

IREDA Share Price Target

IREDA Share Holding Pattern


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