NHPC Share Price Target (2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2050)

NHPC Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 to 2050.

Dear investors, in this article you are going to get all types of information related to the NHPC share price target. Like fundamentals, revenue, profits, net-worth 5-year chart etc.

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Market cap96683 cr
P/E Ratio24.81
P/B Ratio2.47
Debit on Equity0.77
Dividend 1.92%
Book value38.89

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Company profile

The full form of NHPC is “National Hydroelectric Power Corporation”. NHPC is the largest hydropower development organization in India. Moreover, NHPC can handle all the work related to hydropower projects. Apart from hydropower projects, NHPC also deals in the development of wind power projects as well as solar power projects. Currently, NHPC is a ‘Mini Ratna Category-I’ enterprise. Established in 1975, the company has an authorised share capital of Rs15,000.


Parent OrganisationNational Hydroelectric Power Corporation
Listed inNSE & BSE

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Share Price Target 2024

Most of the Indian stocks like NHPC have experienced an In the first quarter of 2024, the bullish sentiment of the market will likely stay the same with some consolidation

in the beginning few months. As per technical data, the minimum NHPC share price target in 2024 is expected to be ₹120/- and the maximum NHPC price target for 2024 will be ₹135/-.

NHPC Share Price Target 2025

The share price of NHPC is expected to reach a value of Rs. 155/- by January 2025. If the Macro and Micro economic factors along with the industry trend support, we might see the NHPC Share price target Limited reach Rs 170/- by December 2025.

NHPC Share Price Target 2026

As per technical data, The minimum NHPC share price target is expected to reach Rs.180/- and the maximum value that shares of NHPC can reach is Rs. 200/-.

NHPC Share Price Forecast for 2030

The initial NHPC Share price target Limited in 2030 is projected to be ₹245/- With favourable market conditions, the mid-year price target for NHPC Limited could reach ₹270/- By the end of 2030, the price target for NHPC Limited is expected to potentially reach ₹321/- considering bullish market trends.

NHPC Share Price Target 52- Week High and Low

The high has been 115.85/- and its 52-week low has been -37.75/- You can see more information about this on Google Finance.

NHPC Share Price Target Table

We have shared this table with you based on the results of the analysis we conducted with our investor friends. You are going to know the target price for the coming years from the NHPC Share Price Target.

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Share Price Target

Financial Analysis of NHPC

NHPC (Revenue)

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC (Profit)

NHPC Share Price Target


NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Share 5yr Chart

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Share Fundamentals

NHPC Share Price Target

NHPC Share Holding Pattern

NHPC Share Price Target


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