PNB Share Price Target – 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040

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So in this article, we are going to share with you what is going to happen in 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040, so we request you to please read the article completely. Any questions or suggestions related to this article can be sent to us through the comment box.

(PNB) Punjab National Bank Profile

CompanyPunjab National Bank
IncorporatedMay 1894
Listed InNSE & BSE
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PNB Share Price Target 2025

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Information

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is a public sector bank of India whose headquarters was established in New Delhi in May 1894 since then this bank has been helping the people of India to keep their money safe along with it Punjab National Bank provides various banking services to its customers.

Online Banking, Current accounts, loans, Credit cards and savings which is the most common banking services that you will find available in every branch of Punjab National Bank and at the same time Punjab National Bank has launched Online Account Opening for its customers. Processes like Video KYC have also been included in their network.

As a result, things like banking and loans have become common for the common man and Punjab National Bank keeps the personal and confidential data of its customers safe by keeping them aware of online or offline frauds, and if despite this Even if a customer becomes a victim of fraud, they provide full help to him due to which their trust remains intact.

PNB Share Price Target Table

We, along with the experts of our team, have done some research on PNB share price, and after studying it we have achieved some results. We have provided it to you below, which will make it easier for you to estimate the PNB share price target.

YearPNB Share Price Target

PNB Share Price Target 2025

PNB Share Price Target 2024

Punjab National Bank is a public sector bank in which the public has a lot of confidence in this bank, as a result of both the revenue and profit of the bank are skyrocketing. If we talk about its revenue, it is mainly derived from loans. Comes from interest.

This includes income from agricultural loans, primary sector loans and retail loans, along with commission, foreign exchange transactions and money from selling funds also comes under the revenue of Punjab National Bank in FY 2020-2021. An increase of 2.7% was recorded, which is higher than the previous financial year, which they received from the interest income of Loans and Advances and the total fee income of the bank came to Rs 10,449/- crore (USD 1.4 billion).

Which has decreased by 0.9% as compared to previous years. Keeping all these points in mind, according to the results obtained by analyzing the PNB share, our team has estimated the PNB share price target for 2024 at Rs 160.55/-.

PNB Share Price Target 2025

As you can see, the annual closing in March has not had any significant impact on PNB Share because there has not been much fluctuation in its price. But in the first week of April, an increase of about 9% has been recorded in the PNB share price.

Which is a good sign for any investor. Along with this, if we look at its price for the last 1 year, we can see that PNB Share has registered a profit of about 134.03%. Keeping these things in mind, we have estimated that in the coming 1 year, That means by PNB Share Price Target 2025 you are going to see its price skyrocketing,

keeping this in mind our team have set an estimated price of 196.88/- for PNB Share Price Target 2025, as a result of which in the coming year 2025 PNB Share Price Target 2025 is going to give you a good profit.

PNB Share Price Target 2026

When we look at the 5-year chart of PNB Bank, we see that in the last year, a profit of about 184.90% has been registered in PNB Share Price.

From this it becomes clear that this stock is capable of giving you profit in the coming years, all you need to do is to analyze and invest in it properly. Which you will do after reading this article. And for PNB Share Price Target 2026, we have kept an estimated target of Rs 239.98/-.

PNB Share Price Target 2030-2035

The revenue of Punjab National Bank is affected by many factors, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reserve Bank of India took actions like loan moratoriums and restructuring plans, as a result of which we see a difference in the revenue of the bank. and many other factors.

Like fluctuations in interest rates, bank loans and when any government policy is changed, you may see fluctuations in the revenue of its banks, but Punjab National Bank has given many reliefs to keep its customers happy. It has been announced to bring measures in the form of a bank scheme, in which some of the main reasons may be the removal or waiver of some charges by the bank and providing emergency credit lines to its customers etc.

According to our team’s analysis, the PNB share price target 2030 has achieved good results for the long term and our team has set the estimated price of the PNB share price target 2030 at Rs 323.64/-. And if we talk about PNB share price target 2035, then for that our team has estimated the price of Rs 470.48/-.

PNB Share Price Target 2040

If you want to know what is going to be the PNB share price target for a longer period i.e. around 2040. So you have come to the right place but for that, we should first look at the profits of Punjab National Bank which will make it easier for us to estimate whether PNB share price target will be 2040 or will remain the same.

So let us know As you all know banks have recently had to face a lot of challenges and the main one is the fraud of Rs 2 million in 2018, which was carried out by some greedy people inside. Despite this,

Punjab National Bank has shown good progress along with Global Expansion and along with this, there has also been an increase in the shares of Punjab National Bank due to which it is not difficult to guess what will be the PNB share price target of 2040. Going to do it. According to the results received by our team’s analysis, the PNB share price target for 2040 has been estimated at Rs 640.63/-.

Punjab National Bank Financial Analysis

Punjab National Bank (Revenue)

PNB share price target

Punjab National Bank (Profit)

PNB share price target

Punjab National Bank (Net-Worth)

PNB share price target

Punjab National Bank Share 52 Week Low-High

PNB’s share price target has a 52-week high of Rs 137.35/- and 52 week low of Rs 46.45/-.

Punjab National Bank Share 5yr Chart

PNB share price target

Some F.A.Q related to PNB

Who is the CEO of Punjab National Bank?

Punjab National Bank, which is an independent public bank of India, its current CEO and MD is Mr Atul Kumar Goyal, who has previously worked as the Executive Director of Union Bank of India.

Where is the headquarters of Punjab National Bank?

Punjab National Bank is headquartered in New Delhi, India with over 12,000 branches and 13,000+ ATMs. And which is the second largest bank in terms of network.

Punjab National Bank Share Holding Pattern 

PNB share price target

Punjab National Bank Shares fundamentals

PNB share price target


Friends, I hope you liked this article and with the help of this article you will have an idea of how PNB’s share price target is going to be in the future and how this share is going to give you better profits.

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We have written this article only for education purposes. If you want to invest in any stock then do your analysis once. Before investing in any stock, take advice from an expert. And this article should not be considered as any kind of investor advice.

PNB Share Price Target 2025

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