SJVN Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2040

Hello friends, today we are back again with the analysis of a new stock for you whose name is SJVN Share Price Target, this is an energy sector stock that is going to make you rich in the coming time, so please read the article completely. Please subscribe to the website for other updates.

In today’s article, you will know what kind of returns you are going to see in this stock in the coming time i.e. 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030 and 2040, as well as you will know how to evaluate any stock from fundamentals. SJVN Share Price Target

SJVN Share Profile

Company(SJVN) Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam
IndustryHydroelectric Power Generation and Transmission
IncorporatedMay 24, 1988
Listed InNSE & BSE
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SJVN Share Price Target

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SJVN Company Information

SJVN Ltd. It was established on May 24, 1988, under the Companies Act as Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation Private Limited. Due to some reasons, on November 3, 1988, the word private was removed under Section 620 read with Sections 21 and 23 of the Companies Act,

which has been removed to date. It is a government company. Whose stake comes under the governments of two states. At present, the federal government has a 59.92% stake in SJVN, while the northern state of Himachal Pradesh has a 26.85% stake.

It is possible that there may be some changes in this stake in the future. But at present no change has been made in it.

SJVN Share Price Target Table

I and our team, along with some well-known investors of the stock market, have analyzed some shares, as a result of which we have achieved some results that will let you know how the SJVN Share Price Target is going to be in the coming time. We will share with you what we have provided below.

YearSJVN Share Price Target 

SJVN Share Price Target

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SJVN Share Price Target 2023

As we have already told you first of all we are going to examine this share on the basis of fundamentals, so let us start with the market cap of the company. So let us tell you that at present (as of September 2023) the market cap of SJVN Share is Rs 26,939 crore Rupee and P/E Ratio is 26.37, P/B Ratio 1.94, Industry P/E 17.43, ROE 9.81%, EPS(TTM) 2.66, Book Value 35.27 and Face Value 10.

When we analyze these fundamentals, we come to know that SJVN is in a very good financial position at present the result of which can be seen in the growth of this company. Now, on the basis of these fundamentals, our team has Our team has made this estimate based on the share analysis and the results obtained from it.

By the end of 2023, SJVN Share Price Target 2023 is going to meet the target of Rs 105.6/- and we have full hope that this will also give you a chance to make a good profit.

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SJVN Share Price Target 2024

In this point, we are going to analyze SJVN Share Price Target on the basis of shareholding patterns, which will give you information on whether the company has distributed its shares in the right pattern or not.

Some companies in the share market tamper with their share distribution patterns to increase their profits, we will know the same in this point. SJVN Share price target The share distribution of the company is as follows – Promoters hold 86.77%, Retail 7.51%, Mutual Funds 4.08%, Foreign Institutions 1.40% and Other Domestic Institutions 0.24%. Generally, these shareholding patterns are in line with each quarter. There is little change after the result

But looking at the current distribution, we believe that this pattern is one of the highest patterns so far and based on the results of the analysis done by our team based on these patterns, our team has given SJVN Share price target 2024. An estimated price of Rs 147.84/-.

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SJVN Share Price Target 2025

At this point, we are going to place SJVN stock on the basis of revenue, profit, and net worth. In these fundamentals, we have seen that in 2023, the company’s revenue is 6.75B and net income is 2.72B, along with the net profit Margin is -40.27, Operating Expense is 2.67B and these figures are going to change by the end of the year

Because the business of the company is going to increase further by the end of the year, then there can be a change in the fundamentals of the company. On the basis of all these points, our team has done a short-term analysis of this stock in which they have found that the short-term stock is going to give good returns.

They have set a target price of Rs 229.15/- for SJVN Share Price Target 2025.

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SJVN Share Price Target 2027

In this point, we are going to analyze the cash flow chart of the company, within which we will know the company’s cash from operations, cash from investing, cash from financing, net change in cash and free cash flow, through which we are going to get information about the company which is making profit

To know whether it is investing all its money only in running the company or whether the company also has some hard cash lying around, all the fundamentals are given respectively: net income 13.59B, cash from operations 16.32B, cash From Investing-68. 77B Cash from financing is 55.59, Net change in cash is 3.14B, free cash flow is -48.27 B

Based on the results of the analysis done by our team based on all these fundamentals, we have determined an estimated price of Rs 481.21/- for SJVN share price target 2027.

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SJVN Share Price Target 2030

As you all know every person lives his life differently, similarly, every person also has his own way of analyzing a stock. Now some people buy the stock after looking at the fundamentals of the company, while some people buy the stock based on its Some people complete their analysis by looking at the holding pattern but some people complete their analysis by looking at the company’s dividend and debt to equity.

At this point, we are going to know what is the debt to equity and dividend of the company at present. So as we see in any broking application, there is a column in which the figures of debt to equity and dividend are written. Actually The same is the debt to equity and dividend percentage of that stock, which in the context of this stock, debt to equity is 1.01 and dividend is 2.42%, which if seen, debt to equity is negligible.

This means that the company does not have any big loans or debt, which means that it is a green signal for you that you can buy this stock our team has set an estimated price of Rs. 1,106.8/- for SJVN Share price target 2030.

SJVN Share Price Target 2040

At this point, we are going to analyze SJVN stock for the long term, as you all know it is an energy sector stock and its growth is going to be several hundred times in the coming time, so you can estimate it yourself. That if you want to invest your money in this stock for some 15-20 years

So this is going to be a very good or rather golden decision of yours because the money you have invested now is going to be returned to you several hundred times after 20 years. This can be understood in the sense that the stock of the company has increased by 168.96% in the last five years. If it has increased then you can guess from this

By what percentage will this stock grow in the coming 20 years? Generally, our team does not make predictions for such a long time, but in the case of some stocks, their rules change, so the results of the analysis done by our team by looking at all the fundamentals till now and keeping in mind the other important data. Our team has set an estimated price of Rs. 6,640.8/- for SJVN Share price target 2040.

Financial Analysis of SJVN

SJVN (Revenue)

SJVN Share price target

SJVN (Profit)

SJVN Share price target

SJVN (Net-Worth)

SJVN Share price target

SJVN Share 52-Week Low-High

SJVN Share Price Target 52-week high has been Rs 83.65/- and its 52-week low has been Rs 29.95/- you can see more information about this on Google Finance.

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SJVN Share 5yr Chart

SJVN Share price target

SJVN Share F.A.Q.

Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited(SJVNL),Directors Profile, News, BiographyWho is the CEO of SJVN?

At present (as of 2023), the CEO of SJVN is Mr. Nand Lal Sharma, who was given the charge of this post in December 2017. At present (as of 2023), his tenure has been 5.75 years.

Along with this post, Nand Lal Sharma ji is also the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, he has held two posts, but he has fulfilled his responsibilities well.

To do this work, his annual package is ₹11.28M, which includes 37.7% salary and 62.3% other elements.

Where is the headquarters of SJVN?

As you all know SJVN is an energy-producing company, so for that the headquarters of the company has been established at a place where there is a big river and good flow of water,

all that has to be done is that the headquarters of the company is Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. and the complete exact address of SJVN is Shakti Sadan, Corporate Office Complex, Shanan, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171006 India.

SJVN Share Holding Pattern

SJVN Share price target

SJVN Share Fundamentals

SJVN Share price target


Friends, I hope you have liked this article very much and with the help of this article you will get an idea of how the SJVN Share Price Target will be in the future.



This article has been written for educational purposes only. If you want to invest in any stock, then do your analysis. Otherwise, Take the help of an expert before investing in any stock because there is risk in every stock.

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